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🇰🇵 Exploring North Korea: A Forbidden Journey

🇰🇵 North Korea Travel Guide 🌍

Welcome to the mysterious and captivating country of North Korea! Explore its unique culture, stunning landscapes, and rich history. Please take note of the following essential information before your journey:

– Language 👄
The official language is Korean. English is not widely spoken, so it’s advisable to have a translator or guide.

– Currency 💵
The official currency is the North Korean Won (KPW). Foreign currencies are generally not accepted, so it’s recommended to exchange money upon arrival.

– Price Level 💰
North Korea is relatively inexpensive for tourists. However, keep in mind that many expenses are included in guided tours.

– Religion 🙏
The country is officially atheist, and religious activities are limited. Visitors should respect local customs and refrain from engaging in religious practices.

– Time Zone ⏰
North Korea operates on Korea Standard Time (UTC+9:00). Adjust your schedules accordingly.

– Attire 👕
Dress modestly and conservatively, covering your shoulders and knees when visiting religious or official sites. Avoid wearing clothes with political or offensive symbols.

– Bargaining 💪
Bargaining is not common in North Korea. Prices are usually fixed, especially in official stores and markets.

– Drinking Water 🚰
Tap water is not safe for drinking. Stick to bottled water, which is widely available.

– Electric Supply 🔌
The standard voltage is 220V, and the outlets usually accommodate two-round pin plugs. It’s recommended to bring an adapter if needed.

– Friday Timings ⌚
On Fridays, many shops, businesses, and government offices open late, usually around 11:00 AM.

– Official Holidays 🎉
North Korea celebrates important national holidays such as the Day of the Sun (April 15th) and the Workers’ Party Foundation Day (October 10th). Expect closures and limited services on these dates.

– Safety 🚨
North Korea has stringent rules and regulations. Follow your guide’s instructions at all times to ensure your safety and avoid any misunderstandings.

– Smoking 🚭
Smoking is allowed in designated areas only. Be mindful of the rules and avoid smoking in public places.

– Weather ☀️🌧️☃️
North Korea experiences distinct seasons. Summers are hot and humid, while winters are cold and snowy. Spring and autumn offer pleasant temperatures, making them ideal for travel.

– Transport for Tourists 🚗🚆
Tourists generally travel in organized groups with guides. Transportation options include buses, trains, and domestic flights. Private vehicles are not allowed for tourists.

Enjoy your time in North Korea, a country full of intrigue and beauty! 🌸🗺️