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Live Aqua Punta Cana, Extensive

We got here to the entrance hall at 3pm and also when you bring up, there is a big automatic door that offers the resort an extremely special ambiance. Whereas lots of entrance halls in the location attribute extensive sights when bring up, Live Aqua conceals what’s inside with a modern-day entrance. The entrance hall itself is rather remarkable, with water functions and also a two-story location full with most of the dining establishments and also bars on building.

When we pointed out the difficult item versus soft item, this is where it began to untangle a little bit. I intend to beginning this by stating that the experience we had is not unusual and also consequently we will certainly information what we experienced. While we usually attempt to eliminate our individual experiences from testimonials to provide you the very best image of a common visitor experience, what took place to us was regular of every various other visitor on building back then. We likewise beinged in the entrance hall for some time the following day to validate if what we experienced was a sign of others. We talked with 10 other individuals that had the exact same specific experience we did, or even worse.

Within secs of strolling within, we were come close to by gents seated at a workdesk that includes photos and also rolling television advertisements of resorts worldwide, component of a “collection”, not Live Aqua resorts, to the instant right-hand man side inside the major door of the entrance hall. They informed me to take a seat, and also yet, the front workdesk right before me informed me to continue to them to sign in. I was a little bit overwhelmed and also stated I was mosting likely to the front workdesk. The gent asked Max, “what’s her trouble?” Max mentioned that we were not thinking about timeshares, we simply intended to sign in, to which, the gent stated “we do not market timeshares, we just operate at the resort and also are below to assist you”. Not just did we figure out later on that they were entirely existing to us, however they did the exact same point to everybody and also drew individuals right into a “VIP morning meal” and afterwards informed them they weren’t enabled to leave since it was far too late once they had actually dedicated to this morning meal. We saw this unravel the following early morning when a pair was informed at their “morning meal” beside us that they currently needed to continue to a discussion. The pair withstood and also the gent informed they they do not have a selection since they were currently on his listing. Those inadequate visitors that did not resist invested the following 2-4 hrs of their trip in a timeshare discussion with the exact same workers asking me what my trouble was. No matter, in all the turmoil, I did begin sobbing and also in some way procured with the sign in procedure and also off to our space sans a welcome drink, water or anything else 5-star. To state this was an undesirable experience would certainly be a significant exaggeration. While not everybody had a conflict like I did, I would certainly say that being enrolled in a timeshare discussion under the semblance of a VIP morning meal the following early morning is substantially a lot more unsuitable and also, honestly, despicable for a 5-star building than the peculiar battle I had that led to my splits and also sensation guilty over cleaning off a supposed-employee of the resort.

As a professional suggestion for you, when you get in the entrance hall, go directly to the front workdesk. It can be a little bit complicated to recognize that the timeshare individuals are since they do not reveal themselves and also they do not clothe any differently than the bellman or front workdesk personnel, however simply trust me. Most likely to the front workdesk, do not take a seat with any person that approaches you in the entrance hall. If you are come close to for a “VIP morning meal” or ANYTHING else that appears also great to be real or uncommon, simply understand that it is a timeshare discussion that you will certainly not obtain any type of worth for your remain from. Unlike various other resorts where the personnel skillfully (or in some cases strongly) attempts to obtain you to sign up with a discussion for a complimentary evening or task, this building does not comp spaces, provide complimentary trips or anything absolutely of worth and also the timeshare sales individuals exist concerning their work at the building to obtain you to concur. We did listen to a person that was guaranteed 2 complimentary massage therapies after they endured the fraud of a morning meal + discussion, just to figure out that it was really a buy 1, obtain 1 complimentary massage therapy. We were taking a trip with 2 buddies that were practically roped right into the “VIP morning meal” by a gent declaring to be a supervisor intending to eat with them. When I added to our buddies to ask why they were with the timeshare man, they were dismayed since the gent had actually informed them he was a supervisor. Unless you are truly thinking about doing a discussion, our advice is to actually simply prevent the entrance hall location throughout of your remain.

Aside from the hideous experience of sign in, the entrance hall is the main factor of the resort. Most of the dining establishments are connected to the entrance hall, in addition to the programs during the night.


Hotel Review: Live Aqua Punta Cana, All-inclusive